Elevator Insight videos make the classic notion of the "elevator pitch" relevant again for today's marketers and audiences by engaging viewers quickly, holding their attention and, most importantly, providing a unique insight—some a-ha moment of clarity—that makes your potential customers way more likely to remember your idea and share it with their friends.

The Team

We're a small, roving band of business-minded creative-types who specialize in succinct, hand-crafted informational videos that produce new insights. We take on no more than a couple of projects at a time, ensuring that your video receives plenty of focus and personal attention.

The Product

Elevator Insight videos aren't commercials. Think of them as conversational, short stories designed to connect with your potential customers—leading them to some new idea, way of thinking or solution to a problem or frustration they currently experience. Most videos work best at around two minutes in length, although some concepts can be communicated more quickly, and others require a bit more time.

The Process

We start by getting to know you a bit, which consists of (at least) a phone call and your answers to a few basic questions about your audience and product or service. From there we put together a first draft of the script, which leads to storyboards and voice-over narration—all of which you have several opportunities to input to and approve.

It's best to designate a single point of contact on your end to corral feedback and approvals (and you'll have a single point of contact on our end, too). In general the whole process takes 5-6 weeks from preliminary conversation to finished product.

The Pricing

The base cost for a complete video (up to two minutes in length) is $9,500 USD. Each additional minute costs $3,000 (charged in 15-second increments). So, a two and a half minute video generally costs $11,000, and a three-minute video $12,500 USD. We ask for 50% of the total cost of the project up front, with the balance due upon delivery of the final video.

For perspective: it's not unusual for others to charge $15k or more for a custom, two-minute video. While we're not the "cheapest" option around (and you don't necessarily want that, trust us), our pricing is significantly lower than many of our competitors.