Here's a small selection of our recent work. Feel free to ask us what else is in the works or check out our YouTube channel for more.

ePremium Insurance

If you own or manage a rental community, paying for the damage your tenants can cause can be a real nightmare. That's why the team at ePremium Insurance created IRIS—a streamlined insurance management tool that makes tenant enrollment a snap, gives property managers the ability to track residents’ policies, and even integrates an insurance claims tool that pays the property manager directly.


Dealing with new Electronic Health Records (EHR) software can be a real headache—including new workflows, templates and retraining. Thankfully, TempDev has the expertise to guide clients through successful EHR adoption and implementation, including mapping out how to meet Meaningful Use requirements.

MVC Test

Whether you're an entrepreneur with the world's next big idea—or you're an investor or a company just looking to make sure you're putting your money behind the ideas with the highest potential—you've got to be sure people actually want whatever it is you're hoping to sell. A Minimum Viable Concept (MVC) test helps to increase your odds of success right away.


Distributed work teams rely on incredible amounts of information that need to be accessed by teammates all over the world. Point-to-point data connections are expensive and inadequate, so now there's Ilesfay—it replaces all of those networks with a simple "point-to-cloud" solution, ensuring people have the most up-to-date information at a fraction of the cost.


Registering for gifts can be a real hassle—you've got to create registries with at least three or four different stores to cover your bases, and even that exhausting process leaves out a lot of the gifts you'd love to receive. But now there's SimpleRegistry: an easy way to register for any event—and add any item, anywhere—and redeem all gifts as cash for the ultimate in flexibility.

Time Timer

The concept of time remaining can be really frustrating. Thankfully, there's the Time Timer: its patented red disk disappears as time elapses, creating an easy visual reference for the passage of time. Whenever time needs to be measured or managed, Time Timer products can help you become more productive, organized and relaxed throughout the day.

Path Forward IT

Managing the complicated IT needs of a medical practice can be a real nightmare. Thankfully, Path Forward IT takes total ownership of the complete range of medical practices' IT initiatives, including all the day-to-day stuff, for one fixed monthly fee, with no long-term contracts and no extra charges.


Academic, athletic or music programs that use videos as part of their application process are inundated with emails, links to random video sites and piles of DVDs. Acceptd consolidates everything into one place, where decision makers can review and comment on candidates in real time.

Plan B Flights

Flight delays and cancellations are inevitable. What if you didn't have to wait in line at the ticketing counter or call that frustrating customer service hotline when your flight was canceled? What if, instead, you could choose and book your own "Plan B" instantly? Now you can.


The water your dentist is squirting into your mouth probably has more bacteria than the water in your toilet. Microbial contamination is a major problem for dental unit water lines, and now VistaClear provides an easy, cost-effective and green solution for treating water properly.